Release History

0.7 7-Sep-2004
0.6 18-Aug-2004
0.5 11-Aug-2004
0.4 04-Aug-2004
0.3 28-Jul-2004
0.2 28-Jul-2004
0.1-SNAPSHOT 27-Jul-2004
0.1 27-Jul-2004

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Release 0.7 - 7-Sep-2004

add Added an adapted version of the Tapestry Inspector. Now groovy scripts can be inspected as well as the components. michael

Release 0.6 - 18-Aug-2004

fix Changed scripts were not reloaded in Tomcat, fixed. michael

Release 0.5 - 11-Aug-2004

fix Fixed the scripts loading logic to work more reliably. richard
fix Made script resolving synchronized so that the caches don't get stomped. richard

Release 0.4 - 04-Aug-2004

fix Fix the OGNL property accessor to allow the script property to be set. Allows for ScriptBeans that have names different than the page name. richard

Release 0.3 - 28-Jul-2004

add The script resolve enforces that the package and class name for the s cript are appropriately formed. Documented in index.xml richard
fix Fixed the way required vs. non-required script files works. A script file is now required for anything using the Tapestry bean specification. The script file associated with the page or component specification is optional. When the script file does not exist, an instance of Object is used. richard
add Added the script class name to the IScriptReference that it can help to enforce the naming of classes returned by the script resolver. richard

Release 0.2 - 28-Jul-2004

update Separated scripts that are event listeners from beans that are not. Beans that are loaded using the bean specification are not event listeners. Beans that are page model are event listeners. richard
fix Fixed the event listening so that when finishLoad is called, the page or component script gets loaded, initialized, and registered in the event system. richard
update Made a delegate class that does all the heavy lifting for ScriptPage, ScriptBaseComponent, and ScriptAbstractComponent richard
update More documenation richard

Release 0.1-SNAPSHOT - 27-Jul-2004

update More documenation richard
fix IActionListener's are agile to changes in scripts (good catch) (check out DelegatorBean.SyntheticListener) richard
fix initialize() now implemented, signature can be intitialize() or initialize(page) richard
fix finishLoad() now impl emented, signature can be finishLoad() or finishLoad(component) richard
update package renamed from org.apache.tapestry.groovy to org.apache.tapestry.script because of Groovy name trademarks. Don't really know if we needed but it did not hurt. classes that included Groovy in the name have been renamed to Script richard
update demo application updated to new naming richard
update getScripts() method renamed to getScript() on ScriptPage, ScriptBaseComponent, and ScriptAbstractComponent richard
fix Exception handling streamlined, mainly by unwinding the InvocationTargetException at the right point and then handling it richard

Release 0.1 - 27-Jul-2004

update Initial Release richard